Revision year: 2013


The name of this corporation shall be The United Court of the Sandias, Inc. commonly referred to as UCS.


The purpose of this corporation shall be to increase education and awareness as to health and social issues, and to conduct charitable service projects which benefit legitimate charities and medical/educational/social service organizations within the State of New Mexico, the United States, and internationally that serve members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Heterosexual populations. Any and all necessary and proper actions for the accomplishment of this purpose will be performed. The purpose shall be enacted on an annual term running from Coronation to Coronation, known as “The Reign.”


Amendments to this document may be made by each reigning board in the form of additions or clarifications and added as an addendum to this manual. Addendum's to this manual will serve each reign accordingly and will be considered procedure for the duration of the specified reign only. Therefore each reign will have the opportunity to modify this document during their reign only. This document will remain in its original form for reference of originality.

UCS members may submit in writing, to the board, any proposed procedure manual changes no later than thirty (30) days prior to any general membership meeting for review by the board. Amendments to the procedure manual shall be at the discretion of the board and will require a majority vote of the board present and voting.


Membership in the UCS is voluntary. Memberships are of two types: State of New Mexico residents and non-residents, only verifiable residents are entitled to vote. Monarchs, IPRs and ICPs, after having served a year of service to the court and community or lifetime titleholders who are entitled to complimentary membership and who no longer reside in the State of New Mexico are not entitled to voting privileges.

Applications for membership are considered automatically accepted unless the board finds reason to deny on legitimate grounds. Grounds include, but are not limited to, said applicant’s known harassment of court members, violent public behavior, slander or malicious intent toward any court member. Non acceptances of membership shall be at the discretion of the board. The rejected application/applicant shall be notified of the decision. The board may revoke membership at anytime. It is the intent of the board to protect the membership from malicious conduct from anyone directed at the board, the court or its membership.

Members may terminate their membership at anytime [for any reason] in writing. The secretary of the board will acknowledge termination in writing. Failure to renew annual membership at the hour of midnight on the last day of the anniversary month recorded on the member card will automatically terminate membership. Membership application received after this time will be considered new.

The board Member At Large (Membership Coordinator) will send notice of upcoming expirations with or without notice of receipt. Lapses in membership may affect continuous membership requirements with regard to seeking Board or Monarch positions, as well as other titles within the court.

Applications for membership will not be accepted beginning with day of Declarent Packet Pickup, ending the day after elections are held. Renewal membership will be accepted after this period. Applications will be accepted during this time period, but will be held for eligibility until after elections.

Lifetime Titleholders (Monarchs, Princes and Princesses Royal, Imperial Crown Princes and Princesses, and anyone given lifetime titles by Monarchs) are not required to “renew” membership, but are expected to keep the court updated with current contact information.

Removal of membership and/or title may only occur after ALL of the following:

1. Member must be served written notice of hearing thirty (30) days prior to hearing
scheduled date
2. Member must be made aware of reason for hearing/removal in this notice
3. Once quorum is met, majority must vote to remove this member or title in said meeting.

After the title and/or membership has been removed, former titleholder/member may appeal to membership one time, to have title/membership reinstated. This can occur only if all of the following have happened:

1. Send thirty (30) day written notice to board of intent to appeal
2. Board has given same notice to membership
3. Once quorum is met, voted to reinstate membership/title at membership meeting


Membership Meetings: Are to be scheduled for the purpose of sharing information with the public and membership. A prepared agenda for these meetings requires approval by the board. These meetings will contain a question and answer section for the general public and membership. These meetings will occur after thirty (30) day notice to membership has been given, whenever possible. These meetings will be called by the President or Board.

Board Meetings: The board will meet at a minimum of once each month throughout the fiscal year. The President may poll the board in person, by phone, e-mail or fax on any issue that may arise between regularly scheduled board meetings. The results of the poll will be reported at the next board meeting. Board meetings are to be open to the community.

Executive Sessions: Executive Sessions are private meetings, open to only sitting board members, and are to be held only to discuss the following issues:
1. Personnel situations where the person in question is listed with the State of New Mexico as valid compensated employee.
2. Legal questions, where the corporation is involved in claims, suits or other legal disputes with outside parties.

Transition Meeting: A joint meeting between the outgoing officers and their successors, as well as the stepping down and newly elected monarchs will be held approximately one week after Coronation to make all final arrangements for transfer of board business.


Voting privileges are reserved for members of the UCS whose residential status is verifiable, with photo ID, in the State of New Mexico and whose members are current. Voting privileges include, but are not limited to decision making at membership meetings and elections held for monarch and board positions. There is no absentee voting. Elections for monarchs and board positions are to be held the week before coronation, following “Campaign Closure.” Ten percent (10%) of the voting membership shall constitute a quorum. If such quorum is not present the members may adjourn the meeting. All members must be notified no less than thirty (30) days prior to voting of any kind taking place, other than board business, thus having an opportunity to vote.


Voting will be by secret ballot. Each member whose membership is valid who is a resident of the State of New Mexico will be allowed to vote. Voting place and times will be determined by seated board. Ballots will be held for fourteen (14) days for anyone to review.

Coronation ballots will be held in a place determined by the board. On coronation day President and three courtiers, both local and out of state, will count and certify the vote.


The board consists of seven offices, The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, and The Monarchs (Emperor and Empress) make up the sixth and seventh seats. The elections for each take place at an election prior to coronation each year. The Emperor, Empress and Membership Coordinator are seated for one year. The Vice President is elected for a two-year term, one year as Vice President and the second year as President; therefore the Presidential office is held for one year. The Secretary and Treasurer are elected for two year terms. A quorum of the board shall be four members and shall be required for conducting any official board business. All conditions of their election, tenure and replacement shall be as described.



The principle duties of the President shall be to preside over all meetings of the membership and the board and to have general supervision of the affairs of the corporation, including annual elections. The President shall only cast a vote on issues which have drawn a tie vote from the membership or board.

Presidential authority shall include:
• President will be one of two signatures on corporate checks
• President shall have the power to call special meetings whenever deemed necessary
• President will go to every effort to notify membership and board of these meetings
• President Retain the right to act in best interest of corporation.

Vice President/ President Elect

The principle duty of the Vice President/President Elect shall be as follows:
• To discharge the duties in any absence, disability, or at the discretion of the President.
• The Vice President shall be one of two signatures on corporate checks.
• Administer the Scholarship fund and The Emergency fund, which includes coordinating these activities and all details or operations therein.


The principle duties of the Secretary shall be as follows:
• Countersigning all deeds, leases and conveyances if any, executed by the corporation
• Recording the proceedings of all meetings of the membership and the Board
• Safely keeping all papers, records and documents belonging to the corporation exclusive of financial records held by the Treasurer.
• Ensuring the production of the newsletter, calendar of events, notices of meetings and all other public information pertinent to the operations of the corporation
• Reviewing incoming correspondence and preparing outgoing correspondence on behalf of the members of the board.
• Assisting in production and dissemination of coronation information.
• Secretary will coordinate with monarchs and membership coordinator at the beginning of the Reign to publish a “newsletter”


The principle duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:
• Accounting for all monies, credits and property of every nature belonging to the corporation
• Accounting for all fundraising monies received and disbursed
• Rendering all accounts, statement, and inventories of monies and property, if any, on a monthly and year end basis
• Issuing checks and handling cash reimbursement of appropriate administrative costs in conjunction with the president
• Advising and consulting on all matters of corporate purchases and investments, if any.

Membership Coordinator

The duties of the Membership Coordinator shall be as follows:
• Oversee applications of membership
• Notify members of their acceptances or rejection
• Keep member database current
• Oversee notification of pending membership expirations
• Actively work to recruit new members
• Promote court functions and coordinate with Secretary on notification of all meetings to membership


Board members must be residents of the State of New Mexico one (1) full year prior to election;
one (1) year of service to the community as a member of the court is also required. The Treasurer must be bondable to $50,000 or own property.
The qualifications for President include one (1) year service, in addition to one (1) year as Vice President. The board has the authority to appoint a Vice President if the position becomes vacant during its term of office. The board also has the authority to either, hold election at the end of that term for new President, or appoint that Vice President to presidency regardless of “one year” eligibility requirement.

Terms of Office

All terms of office, whether one or two years, shall run from Coronation to Coronation.

· Vice President/President Elect Two (2) years
· Secretary Two (2) years
· Treasurer Two (2) years
· Membership Coordinator One (1) year


If a vacancy of a board position occurs during term prior to next general election of said term, the board will appoint a replacement until that election, at which point the position will be placed on the ballot. If election has past in that same term, the board will appoint member to complete full term.


The board will vote to record and accept resignation of board members in official written capacity, and will respond via same.

Any officer may be removed under all of the following conditions:
· Two thirds of the board have voted to remove the officer
· A hearing occurred after a thirty (30) day notice had been given in writing to the Member in question, the remaining board members, and the membership.
· A board member on trial for removal does not get a vote on their removal.
A board member who has missed three (3) consecutive regular board meetings without excuse or cause. This condition waives all requirements above, except the two thirds vote of the Board.



The board causes the election of monarchs each year prior to coronation. The monarchs are the public figureheads and will serve one (1) year term of service from coronation to coronation. The Imperial Monarchs and their courtiers may travel at their discretion and own expense to any
event on the ICC Calendar. The monarchs are required to attend a minimum of three events out of state; Colorado Springs, Denver and one of their choosing; their travels funds may be used for these events.

Travel budgets

It is suggested that travel budgets in the amount of $700 each be set aside for use by the monarchs during their reign. These funds may be applied to travel expenses, lodging and coronation tickets. No portion of these funds may be spent for the benefit of another person. Food, drink, gifts and clothing are prohibited expenses. The travel budgets for the next reign will be set aside from monies raised for coronation purposes by the stepping down reign. At no
time shall amounts raised for the benefit of UCS charities be used for travel. All expenses must be verified with receipts.

Line of Succession

The Line of Succession is entirely up to the reigning monarchs, and will be appointed, changed or restructured at any time by the reigning monarchs. The line of succession to the throne of Imperial Emperor and Imperial Empress may include:

· Imperial Prince Royale / Imperial Princess Royale
· Imperial Crown Prince/ Imperial Crown Princess
· Grand Duke/Grand Duchess
· Grand Czar/Grand Czarina
· Count/Countess
· Marquis/Marquesa
· Don/Reina
· Prince/Princess

It is required that any titles or court line positions held in any current reign shall be represented by appearing in the gender in which those titles were
received at ALL State Functions.

Line of succession titles are by appointment of the Monarchs, and the monarchs shall retain the right to choose an entirely new line of succession at any point in the reign. No titles in the line are automatically eligible for, nor do they entitle the member to “promotion” up the line under any circumstances. Monarchs are required to appoint at least Prince Royale and Princess Royale. Monarchs will consult the board of directors on line of succession, but final decisions are to be made by the monarchs. All line of succession members must be members of the UCS. The Emperor is responsible for his line of succession and The Empress the same. If a solo monarch reigns, they may choose the entire line of succession. The board retains the right to make suggestions at any time, although it is at the sole discretion of the monarchs that any action be taken.

It is customary for the line of succession to dress in formal wear and required regalia for ALL State Functions, in or out of town. Formal reverence shall be shown to all titleholders, using the ICC Manual as a guide. Protocol for line members under Monarch and IPRs will be line title and name only.

Lifetime Titles / Proclamations

Every year at coronation each outgoing monarch is permitted to bestow two (2) lifetime titles, issue two (2) proclamations, or one (1) of each. These are subject to board approval prior to coronation. Proclamations become an amendment to this manual and are subject to review by the board every three (3) years.


Coronation is the celebration held each year to commemorate a full year of service to the community by the court. It is an opportunity to share our hospitality with International Courts, dignitaries and members of the court. The event includes distribution of distinguished service awards, recognition of members of the International Court, local businesses and includes entertainment.

Outgoing monarchs may choose a Coronation Coordinator and Campaign Coordinator and submit nominees to the board. In direct conjunction with, and under the supervision of the board, the two coordinators, the outgoing monarchs and their respective lines of succession will work together to produce the event. Task Force Teams may be set up to facilitate activities. A coronation handbook containing the requirements to produce this step-down event will be made available. Campaign and Coronation may be produced solely by the seated the board, Monarchs and their lines of succession.

The crowning of the newly elected monarchs and recognition of elected board members will culminate the evening of coronation. The new reign and newly elected board members assume their court responsibilities at this time. Monarchs will meet to choose their coronation theme, IPRs and protocols and announce at Victory Brunch the following morning.

Victory Brunch is a joint function of the newly elected reign and the stepping down reign, to benefit the charity or charities of choice of the stepping down monarchs. The board and monarchs retain the right to schedule coronation dates.

Coronation coordinator

A coronation coordinator reference manual is available. The coordinator may choose to work with a group to facilitate coronation. The seated board and monarchs will oversee all activities.

Coronation tickets

Tickets for coronation weekend will be made available as a complete packet at a discount prior to coronation at the discretion of the board . Tickets will be made available for:

· In Town Show: local talent and performers
· Out of Town Show: visiting guests perform
· Coronation: Celebration of community service
· Victory Brunch: first breakfast of new reign

Current reigning line of succession may be given a discount on coronation tickets at the discretion of the board and monarchs.

The seated board is responsible for the printing and sale of coronation tickets. Proceeds will benefit a UCS charity after expenses have been met. Charity designation will be made by the reigning monarchs with board review.

Coronation Entrances

All lifetime titleholders, current line of succession members, past and present monarchs and other distinguished guests are invited to walk and greet seated reigning monarchs.

Coronation Protocol

Every person wishing to walk at coronation is required to submit their protocol (listing of titles) to the Minister of Protocol designated by the board. Minister of Protocol has a right to edit any protocol.

Coronation Service Awards/Monarch awards/ recognition awards/step down pins Will be at the discretion of the reigning monarchs and board.

Hospitality Suite

Hospitality Suite is intended as an extension of our hospitality to out of town guests, members of the UCS are welcome. Hosts of hospitality will be at the discretion of the reigning monarchs. Hours of hospitality will be in the coronation tri-fold.


All scheduled events will be incumbent upon home bar schedule allowing time for these events.


The Investiture Ceremony must take place approximately thirty (30) days after coronation. The line of succession members will be named at this ceremony. The Imperial Crown Prince and Imperial Crown Princess will be crowned at investitures. Small ceremonies can be held throughout the reign year as other line of succession positions are announced.

Red Ball

This is a yearly event held in February, which will be produced by the IPRs. Proceeds raised at the event will be donated to the local AIDS Walk.

Sandia Performer of the Year (SPOY)

This event will be held in September, this pageant will seek out the most talented performer in the UCS Community. Entry fees will be set by the monarchs and board. Regalia and other prizes may be awarded all at the discretion of the monarchs and board. Entrants will compete in talent, question and answer and formal wear. Entrants must be members of the UCS, residents of New Mexico for six (6) months. SPOY titleholder will be required to produce two (2) functions during their reign, one (1) to benefit coronation and the second a UCS charity of their choice. The second show will be done in the following reign. Additional benefit show may be held at the discretion of the reigning monarchs. The pageant shall benefit UCS Emergency Fund.

The Fire and Ice Ball

This September entertainment gala will be produced by members of the reigning Royal Family and is meant to honor the King Father and Queen Mother to the seated reign. Proceeds from the event are given to a charity of the King Father and Queen Mother’s choosing and they may, at the monarchs discretion, participate in the actual production and fund-raising. Command performances of the King Father and Queen Mothers choosing are acceptable and attendance of Emeritus Emperors and Dowager Empresses is welcome.

The Sandias Pageant

Mr and Miss Sandias, held in January and produced by the ICPs. Entry fees will be set by the monarchs and board. Regalia and other prizes may be awarded all at the discretion of the monarchs and board. Entrants will compete in talent, question and answer and formal wear. Entrants must be members of the UCS, residents of New Mexico for six (6) months. The titleholder will be required to produce two (2) functions during their reign, one (1) to benefit
the Holiday fund and the second a UCS charity of their choice. Additional benefit show(s) may be held at the discretion of the reigning monarchs Proceeds from this event will benefit the “Mama Boom Boom Scholarship Fund.” One function will be in the reign the titleholder won in and the next one will be in the following reign.

The Harvest Festivals

There will be shows designated to benefit food baskets for the holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.


It is the intent of this organization to serve the community in a charitable nature by physical service of its members or through monetary donation. The UCS serves the community and nationally or international charities at its discretion. Funds benefit charities and the court retains administrative fees to operate. Decisions regarding beneficiaries and percentages of the funds donated are to be made by the monarchs and board. No board member or any other member doing service on behalf of the UCS will be compensated or their service, except those that are contract services and contract labor may receive
compensation. UCS will do a 60/40 split, with 60% going to charity and 40% being retained by UCS. UCS can always give out more than 60% but can never keep more than 40% for the operating account. The Scholarship Fund and Emergency Fund will be the only exceptions.

Responsibilities of the Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for the collection, recording and disbursement of funds. The Treasurer, whenever possible, is expected to be on-site at the close of an event to collect the proceeds. In the treasurer’s absence, the President, Vice-President, or any member of the board may collect the proceeds. Anyone holding funds for the court or its charities shall turn them over to the Treasurer in fourty-eight (48) hours. Agreeing to the responsibility of holding funds for the court or its charities is an agreement to absolutely provide that amount of funds to the treasurer.


It is strongly suggested that the seated board set aside funds for the following:
· Crowns for Monarchs
· Monarch Travel Fund
· State Function Accommodations
· Pride Expenses

The monarch stepping down should do all they are able, to prepare the next reign for a successful beginning.

Dedication of Assets

The disbursement of funds to charities shall be decided upon by the board and monarchs, it is to be remembered that the organization’s goal is raise funds for charity. Any other assets secured by way of sale of property, interest, corporate donation or other form of income shall first benefit charities/organizations, and second to the corporation, in the proportion set out in this article. Funds, materials or merchandise received via corporate sponsorship to assist with production of a specific event shall be applied to administrative costs. Any unspent or unused portions of this donation will be dispensed at the discretion of the corporation’s board. The corporate logo, signatures, other corporate identities, and mailing lists are assets of the corporation and will so remain. At the discretion of the board, such assets may be licensed for use to other parties. Personal use of mailing lists is prohibited.

Advertising & Decorations Budgets

The budget amounts are to be decided upon at the discretion of the board.


Regalia and Protocol

Monarchs will wear their crowns, and are suggested to wear more of their regalia for all state functions. All regalia purchased by the UCS is the property of the UCS until the monarchs have completed their full year of service. It is required that monarchs use the regalia issued them during their reign for the duration of their reign. Regalia gifts or personally purchased items may be worn with discretion at any time after the monarch has stepped down. This will help to distinguish a current reigning monarch of the UCS and as a gesture of respect to the court. Any monarch or court titleholder who does not complete a year of service to the community will return regalia to the UCS.

State Crowns

The State Crowns are ceremonial in nature and may never be worn by any individual. The crowns may be present at state functions of a pageant nature and presented at coronation. They may also be displayed at Pride Day Festivities and other functions at the discretion of the board.

Anniversary Crowns / Regalia

Recognition of the UCS Anniversary Monarchs reaching five (5) or ten (10) year anniversary will be honored by the UCS. Regalia purchased and presented will remain property of the recognized anniversary Monarch.


The Imperial Monarchs will wear standardized crowns. This crown is worn at all formal state functions and may not be replaced with any other crown of any nature during the reign. Any crown that may be received as a gift or for some other title does not preclude the wearing of the designated UCS crown. The monarchs crowns are purchased by the preceding reign and are presented to the stepping up monarchs at coronation. It is recommended that all monarchs wear the same formalized crown to distinguish their royal status with the UCS.

Pageant regalia/Crowns and medallions

Pageant crowns and medallions will be bestowed at crowning of said pageant. If for any reason the titleholder is unable to complete a year of service, regalia must be returned to the UCS.

Ceremonial Robes

Ceremonial robes are permanent UCS property and will be used at coronation for crowning of the newly elected monarchs. 

Goblets and other miscellaneous Regalia 

Ceremonial regalia used at coronation will remain as permanent UCS regalia and will not belong to any one individual. This refers to flags, pillows, robes, crowns, goblets etc.

Death of a Monarch

In the event of the death of a past monarch, the next upcoming coronation will be dedicated in that person’s memory. For all past monarchs who have died, a ceremonial walk of their regalia up the runway will be held at every successive coronation. Upon the death of a reigning monarch, that monarch shall be known as Emperor or Empress In Memoriam.

Any memorial or other service for a monarch of other royal family member who passes away in or out of reign shall be treated as a state function. All surviving royals will wear regalia as a sign of respect for the departed individual.

Show Protocol

All shows using the name of UCS for charitable purposes must be cleared by the board of UCS. If not, the proceeds from the show will not be allowed to be used to benefit a UCS charity. The reigning monarchs shall be in charge of all shows including state function/mandates. All concepts regarding functions/mandates will have reigning monarch approval first. Monarchs submit to the board all concepts for review at board meeting at least one month prior to event.

Concepts shall be defined as such:
· Charity Designation
· Theme for event
· Decor for event
· Requested performers
· Advertising for event: Notice 3 week minimum

Order of performances (at the discretion of seated monarchs):
· Monarchs will always perform 1st and 2nd
· Out of town guests
· Past Monarchs
· Past IPRs
· Titleholders
· Other performers at Monarchs discretion

It is recommended that performers wanting to perform for more than one UCS show become members of the UCS.

Required on all printed Material – refer to home bar rules.

Posters for Non Home Bar Events/Shows must include:
· Event beneficiary
· Cover
· 21 & Over with ID (if in a bar/club)
· Date & Time


At no time is it mandatory to invite past monarchs or lifetime titleholders to participate in or to attend a given event or function. Invitations are a formal expression of etiquette and are not a requirement nor are they meant to exclude anyone from attending or performing. It is at the discretion of the seated monarchs as to who will perform at all shows. Show performances by past monarchs will be at the discretion of the reigning monarchs.


Monarchs are ineligible to seek another title or position while still in reign of their original title. The exception will be at the declarency where monarchs may run for any board position, but must wait one (1) year before they may run for a second term as monarch. A board member whose term is to be completed at coronation, may seek another position at declarency and may continue to conduct board business that does not pose any conflict of interest such as election planning and/or other items the remaining board members deem as a conflict of interest. A titleholder or court line member who voluntarily vacates their title before their year of service is completed must wait one (1) year before they are eligible to compete for another position. If anyone is removed from a title or line position during current reign they would be considered eligible to compete or be assigned another title in the next reign. The producers of any pageant may not be contestants in those pageants. Members are limited to one (1) title within the court, at one time. Line members are not eligible to run for pageant titles. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the board and reigning monarchs

Pride day/ Pridefest

Monarchs are required to attend on behalf of UCS. Monarchs are required to wear crowns. Line members and titleholders are suggested to wear regalia. Pride parade entry is required on behalf of UCS, and will be paid for by Board.

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